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Benefits of Adding Brightening Serum to your Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer


We are all aware of the skincare commandments like no sleeping with the makeup, you have to cleanse your face well using the right facial cleanser and you have to moisturize and always use the SPF. However, you might not be familiar with using the brightening serum as well as part of your skincare routine. If you add the brightening serum to your routine of using the facial cleanser and the moisturizer then you will definitely have a glowing and admirable skin. Here are some more benefits of adding the brightening serum to your routine:

The brightening serum and other serums normally contain high concentration of active ingredients to help you get the best results within the shortest period possible. Even if you want to brighten your face, have an even tone, make your skin firm, reduce the fine lines or just get rid of the dark spots, these serums will obviously give you the results you want. They are known to contain up to 70% of the active ingredients compared the facial cleanser or moisturizers that might contain only 10% of the active ingredients.

Brightening serum should also be used after cleansing with the facial cleanser to prevent skin breakouts. It is known to help produce an acne-prone skin due to its ability to be absorbed easily by the skin compared to other skin moisturizers. They are normally water based with watery consistency as opposed to being more of oil-based. That is the reason why they absorb faster than other products.

These brightening serums will save you money because they are very effective compared to other products. Even though they are a bit expensive compared to these other products, the end results will be realized within a short duration and they have been tested and known to work effectively. If you get the right serum for your skin that you can use after the facial cleanser and maybe with the moisturizer, you won’t spend your money on other products that don’t work effectively. You’d rather have one serum product that cost a little more but makes your skin perfect than ten others that don’t give you the best results that you desire but are cheap.

You will also have a less oily complexion while using the brightening serum after your facial cleanser. If you have an oily skin then the last thing you may want to do is to use the oily moisturizers. Serums are far much lighter and can be absorbed easily into our skin than other moisturizers making them to leave the skin less oily. You will still be less oily in the long run because they keep your skin hydrated so that you won’t produce a lot of sebum.


You should also start avoiding these cheap occlusive agents like petroleum and mineral if you have a sensitive skin that is also prone to breakout. Brightening serum and even these other serums do not contain these agents and this makes them very unique and effective. On the other hand, the serums contain active ingredients such as vitamins, peptides, beneficial minerals and stem cells that make it get past the outer layer of the skin to give it the best outcome.